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I have sent you a before (in white shirt) and after pic (hat with black shirt) –

Here is my review:
I have always been a few inches shorter than my friends that I love to play basketball with. If you would have told me there was a product that I could take to help me grow,
I would have first said “You are full of BS”, and second, I would have said “What is it, and how can I try it?”
Well, imagine my surprise when I found ‘Super-Growth Height Enhancer’. I couldn’t even believe it existed, let alone worked.
No bs here, I finally found something that stimulates growth naturally! I have been taking it for 6 months, and I have grown a little more than 2 inches! Now I am happy to tell my
basketball buddies, “Game On!” – Rob Roberts – Fond Du Lac, WI.



I have added 3cm in just one month of using Super-Growth. I never thought I could still grow taller. Thanks! William Glover, age : 25  Australia


I started using the product in late May. I used to be 5’4 but I’ve grown to be 5’7. I wish to continue and unlock more inches. Shawn Brown, age: 23 THE USA


In eight months of using Super-Growth, I have added 3 inches and my confidence level has increased. I never could imagine how great height can be influential to self-confidence. Darren Wong, age: 20 Singapore


About 14 weeks ago when I got your product, I never knew it could help so much. After one month of use, I started noticing growth and in three months of use, I had gained 2 inches. I am very grateful to Super-Growth Company for this transformation that the product have brought to my life. Things have really changed. People now look at me differently and nicely too. Thank you very much. Justin Wood, age: 19 , The  USA


Im 22 years old and i had big problems with my height because im athletic so
all people expect from me high and good body.
I tried many products for get more taller but it were lost money.When i
bought super-growth for 4 months i was very scepetical and i said myself
that this is last product what i bought. So i was using super growth for 4
months and didnt controll my height and one day i was shocked when i noticed
im taller then one my classmate! I controlled my height and i was about 3
inches taller!!!!!! I was 5’5 and now im 5’8!!! And i want to grow
more!!!!Thanks to super-growth!!!!!!!
Alexander ,22 years,Czech republic
hi..i’m adik from Malaysia..
i just want to share my experience using your product..i’m 164.5cm ..i short as
compare to my siblings ..i have no confident..then i started to make a research on
how to gain height..many people said it is impossible to increase height at my age
..i’m near to give up..until i found your website .and decided to give it try..i
bought 6 months supply of first 2 months i’m started to worry
because i saw no improvement..and i started to believe that your product is not
working for me.. after third months i felt very different..i start to gain height..thank god keep your promise ..recently i did measurement.. surprisingly my current
height is 169cm..increase by 5cm..thanks ..i’ll keep using your product until i
reach my desire height..thanks once again for redefined my experience
This is not a question.
Instead I would like to tell how suprised I am about the benefits from your product.
I´ve just used super-growth for 6 month, and I have already seen results!
I must say that I was sceptical before I started to use the product.
I mean I am 22 years old and actually I did not have any bigger hopes of getting
I started to use super growth my height was 1.85,0 at 10 in the morning.
When I was measured after 6 month for my passport I was 1.92 cm at 10 in the morning.
And my wife says that I´ve a better posture
Coincidence? I dont think so. I´ve always been 185 cm in the morning for as long I
can remember!
( I,ve been measured a lot of times before boxingcompetitions)
Now I fully trust your product and I´m looking forward to future results!
Best regards
I was 5’5 when I started using Super-Growth . Now I am 5’7! I have grown about 2 inches in less than 2 months by using Super-Growth! Super-Growth really works simply and naturally without using any chemicals or drugs. I know that I will grow more in the future by continuing to use Super-Growth.
Aloysius Sim Jaladri , age : 26 Singapore
Thank you Super-Growth for helping me grow taller.i have only used Super-Growth for 1 month and have grown an amazingly 3cm.Not only has it helped in my height development, it has fulfilled all the benefits it promised.
Edgard Fiorenza, age: 21 France
I’m over 30, so I was quite skeptical about Super-Growth, thinking I didn’t have much chance about getting any growth. However, after two months of using super-growth, I have seen an inch of growth! And now I know that it works, giving me the confidence to continue, knowing I can achieve even better results. Super-Growth is easy to apply, discreet and painless. Not to mention- much more effective than the alternatives. Thanks!!
Boris Ivanov, age: 35 Moscow, Russia
Greetings to you from NewYork. This is my testimony.
I’m writing from Manhattan, NY. i play Basketball for local college. I would like to tell everyone who is interested to get taller that Super-Growth does work. it will help anyone to grow several inches.Thank you for your help.
Bill Beckford, age: 20 NewYork
I am 17 years old and was 1.50m tall… about 2 months have passed (without even noticing!) and I grew to 1.57m! Wow! That’s alot! Even my friends were amazed! Friends that were taller than me are now almost the same height, others are shorter ! I could have never imagined I could grow so much.
Catarina Carneiro, age: 17 Fortaleza, Brazilian
The best thing about Super-Growth is that it makes my “tall dream” become truth. I grew 3 inch in 6 months. It teaches me a good lesson too: we must always keep our dreams alive and take the chance to realize them.
Ed Barry , age : 19 CA, The USA
I m over 22 so i already passed my puberty & it is in belief that i have no chance
to grow taller. Before using super growth i was 164 inch but it is now increasing &
now i am 166 after using 4 month.awwwwww……..its amazing ……..even my friends
& family were amazesd.The best thing about Super-Growth is that it makes my dream
become truth.Thanks>>>>>super growth.
Qabbo , age : 22 Dhaka, Bangladesh
Hey guys, I just wanted to say that this product works!! I was 16 years old when I
purchased super-growth, I was shocked to see results coming. I grew 3.5 inches in
six months and still can’t believe it. I always thought that if I wanted to be
taller I would have to undergo a surgery or take a growth hormone supplement, but
that wasn’t the case anymore. After super-growth I am now 5″4.5 when six months ago
I was just 5″1. I love the way my clothes fit and the way boys approach me now. My
life has truly changed thanks to super-growth. I highly recommend this product to
anyone who is feeling insecure or unhappy with their height YOU CAN DO SOMETHING
ABOUT IT !!! I will definitely continue using super-growth to become even more
taller and confident. Thank you so much super-growth for changing my life around.

I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thanks for your amazing product. I received it about
6 month ago and of course started using it instantly. I was originally a 5’7 man and
now in less than 6 months I am 5’11. 4 inches in less than 6 months! I can’t thank
you enough and will recommend your product to others in the future.
Thanks again,
Martin / USA
I have fulfilled my dream, i exaggerated by 3 centimetres in 1 month only.
It’s really unconvincing.
I am near has testify on your site.
I have to buy products your and I am satisfied.
Thank you so much
Hi, I have grown a couple of centimeters in my first month..amazing!!! How long can
I safely use this product for to reach my desired height? I would like to grow two
inches. Also, is the growth permanent?
thank you very much
J’ai 20 ans , et j’ai utilisé votre produit pendant
2 mois et demi , et j’ai grandis de 3 cms presque je suis content du resultat .
Hi there, I was only 5ft 1 and have have tried everything, I actually managed to
purchase some Super- Growth over ebay – as I didn’t realise you had your own site.
I paid for 6 months supply – but since I purchased it it is no longer sold on
ebay it seems.
However, whilst searching for a link to that I came across your site.
I am now 5ft 3 inches – down to Super-Growth itself – but feel I can continue
growing beyond this.
PS – Is a photo required for the testimonial?
Best wishes
“….I would just like to say how much I appreciate your customer relations and email communication. It’s a pleasure to find a company that treats its customers well after sales have concluded. Keep up the good work!”
CRISTIN, Ireland
“Just to let you know that I have received the product….Thanks again for your help!”
Amelia, Germany
“..I am very pleased with the product and really impressed with the speed in which this was delivered.”
Sofia, Singapore
“I am very happy with the product and I was very happy with how quickly it arrived. Thank you.”
Lucy, Bridgend -England


This blog offers useful ways which will naturally help you grow taller and faster within few months. Noticeable changes in posture and height are seen right from the first month.

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