Does Helpo Growth Formula Work ?

Hi Just want to let you know Helpo is working great”I have been using HELPO GROWTH FORMULA for four helpo growth formulamonths and have gained 2 inches without doing anything!
John Walker, London UK

Got my order today. Received very quickly even though it was coming all the way to Australia. Thank you! I would like to make more orders from you.
Tari Rose, Australia

Helpo G.F. has worked wonders for me! Matter of fact, if I could only use one supplement I would pick it without hesitation. Much more effective than others, which I was using before. I’ve been using your program for 6 months and I have grown 3 inches so far, Anyway I’m very happy with the results. Keep up the good work.
John Turner, USA

I knew I would be providing “results feedback” after only one Month! I have experienced the following results, some in milder form than others, but ALL wonderful! (you may use my e-mail in your testimonials, if you like)

•increased height (1 inch) pretty good for the first month!
•increased energy
•increased mental clarity and concentration (regarding the concentration…it is strange…I notice that I am now able to focus on someone’s face and eyes as they are talking to me. I could never do that before.
Thanks, and I look forward to becoming a longtime and satisfied customer.
Loy Miller, USA

I asked you a question 6 months ago that was ” Im 24 years old, can i increase my height for more 3 inches” ? and your answer was yes. I was very skeptical that time about your answer, but Now i know the truth. i am completely satisfied with the product. I have reached my desired height of 6’2 in 6 months. I will tell my friens that your product works.
Adi Blaier, Israel

My son grew almost 2″ in 5 months.
He was not growing at all for over a year. After starting to use Helpo Growth Formula this May , he started to pick-up pretty fast. This is a genuine product, definitely worth buying.
Nguyen Song, Singapore

I bought this product a few months ago, its been working great, I’ve noticed a difference already.
Anders Lundin, Sweden

Item was exactly as described, arrived fast, Easy to use. Looked over ingredients and they all have been proven to do what they say. Very happy.
Lisa Poon, Canada

Best Height Increasing Product On The Market,I have seen just about every height increasing and “grow taller” products out there, and this is by far the best, and here’s why:
…, it’s the least expensive height increase product on the market that 100% works.

  • I found the instructions are very easy to follow.
  • Fast company support.
  • I have gained 2 inches in 4 months. My age is 26 and i still can’t believe the results. I was 5’8 and now 5’10.
  • Without a doubt, I can say that this is the best quality height increase product I have seen, and the one that can deliver the best results. The ingredients are herbal, and give quick results.
    Bottom Line:
    This product works. You can do yoga or pilates until you’re blue in the face and you will not grow any taller. Give this product an honest chance.
    Cristiana Cappai, Italy

I want you to know some of the things I am experiencing with HELPO GROWTH. I grew 2 inch as a results of this my self-esteem has risen. I have a lot of energy. I know I have other things yet to happen. I love it!!
Chong Ling Lee, Malaysia

I have been using Helpo growth formula for the past five months and this is to inform you that I truly believe it has proven beneficial to my height in growing taller. For example I’m 6cm taller than i was 5 month before. I have better posture, For someone my age (quite elderly) that is something to be appreciated. Thank you.
Kenneth Khadra, Denmark

“My order arrived today. Thank you for your help. I will be recommending your products to my friends and clients as I have been burned ordering online too many times and it is refreshing to deal with people who honor their word. Warm regards from your now loyal customer.”
Léger Kevin, France

I did see some results. I have grown from 6ft7 to 6ft8 I definitely recommend this product to anyone who would like a REALISTIC result to gaining an inch or two in height in a fairly short time.
Lucas Lionel, Switzerland

I would first like to congratulate the expert team on this wonderful product. I am very impressed with the fact that I actually did increase my height by almost 2 inches. I did every thing the instructions told me to do and I received results. Thank you so much. I feel so much more confident about myself now
Govind Sagum, Mauritius

I received this product 4 months ago as a gift from my uncle. I thought it was the best gift for me at my 19 because I needed that boost in growth. I did it all what they say in the manual. It really helped me to have grown taller.
Victor Paciullo, Brasil


This blog offers useful ways which will naturally help you grow taller and faster within few months. Noticeable changes in posture and height are seen right from the first month.

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  1. KenCole says:

    I am 21 and I’m 5’4. My goal is to be 5’10 I know that won’t happen but would I be able to be at least 5’8 from using this product

  2. George says:

    im 17, and 5 foot 6 , everyone in my school is like 6 ft, and really insecure about my height, help me pls .-

  3. Aide says:

    I want to grow taller. Can i take this with Super-Growth.

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